About Us

GETDYNACO.COM is an online only audio store offering brand new Dynakit tube stereo components. We have pre-built units, special order units, and also do custom builds. Every now and then we may even have rebuilt and used components. We do not offer repairs, upgrades or modification services outside of the products we build or sell, our shop is not open to the public.

 The value in our builds exceeds the cost of owning them. The rewards will last a lifetime. Music sets a mood, brings back memories, helps make good times better and adds to the quality of life for many people. If you're still with us here, then you likely understand what we are talking about, you get it.... you "getdynaco"

Tube stereo gear isn't for everybody, especially those who are overwhelmingly impressed with modern day technology. It is for those who enjoy the unrivaled richness and warmth of recorded music played in true analog. It's for those who appreciate the craftsmanship of hand built and recognize the quality and effort it represents. With the "digital world" closing in, few things can satisfy as well as listening to the music we love, the way it was meant to be heard, something which has been largely lost to modern society.

Our components sound amazing, their retro-look is very nostalgic and their reliability is legendary, they're classic Americana. They are affordable, especially in comparison to the "big name" brands or boutique type units. Pound for pound they're tough to beat in any category.

Although we are not affiliated with Dynakit, over the years a great business relationship and friendship has developed between us. Our business has even been involved in some of their product development, testing and evaluation. Kevin is a great guy and has done a wonderful job making the modern Dynakit possible. 

Keep in mind, you're not just paying for parts and labor, you're paying for experience. In the end, the value of our products is greater than their cost.

The focus of the business is on new Dynakit and Dynaco Audio products. We source parts from reputable distributors and always use freshly stocked, high quality components.

Looking forward to hearing from you. - Kenny


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