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Olson "Golden Classic 20" Mono Integrated Tube Amplifiers

Olson "Golden Classic 20" Mono Integrated Tube Amplifiers

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Two Olson model AM-171 Monaural Integrated Tube Amplifiers. Selling both amps, price is for both units as pictured.

These 1960's era amps were manufactured in Japan and sold through Olson Electronics. They are wired using point-to-point connections and use those high quality electronic parts Japan is known for. They are a push-pull configuration. They allude to being 20 watts each as noted in the Logo, "GOLDEN CLASSIC 20 HI-FI AMPLIFIER". They work great, sound fabulous, look pretty cool and they are super rare.

Cosmetic condition is very good, especially considering their age. They do have typical scuffs, scrapes and scratches.

Each amp uses (1) 6CA7 tube rectifier (2) 6BQ5/EL84 output tubes and (2) 12AX7 tubes. All tubes are included, I bought the tubes just for these amps. They have good strong Sylvania 6BQ5 output tubes with Raytheon 12AX7 tubes. The rectifier tubes are both NOS Raytheon 6CA4 with only about 60 hours on them now. The multi-section filter electrolytic capacitor was recently replaced in both amps, about 100 hours use on them now. Several small electrolytic capacitors in the internal circuits were replaced in each amplifier. The amps are nice and quiet, smooth as silk and sound excellent.

These amplifiers are about 60 years old. They were never expected to still be in service all these years later! That being said, anything could eventually happen. Due to age, we offer them As Is - Where Is. They are playing well and have performed fine for about 100 hours of use now. I have no control over how they will be connected, used or abused by the next owner. They are offered with NO Warranty, NO return.

For the year I have owned these they have been operated off of a "bucking transformer" at 117 volts AC. A variac could also be used to bring the modern voltages of todays outlets down to 115-117 or close. I suggest you plan to invest in and/or use a voltage reducer of some sort with these vintage amps, they were made to operate at 117 volts AC.

The volume control on one amplifier can be a little scratchy when rotating it, but that is about all. And if you are using the pair in Stereo, understand the the volume controls will NOT be exactly even in number. One amplifier has a little more gain than the other. But they are entirely satisfactory. I tell you this so that there are no surprises! I've actually been using a vintage tube preamp to supply the signal and control the tone and volume. This (using the external preamp) makes connecting external components easier also. I have also run them direct off the DAC and used the amps volume and tone controls, they all work just fine, just that one amp requires a higher setting on the volume to achieve perfect channel balance. I had originally planned to replace both volume controls with new identical parts but never got around to that. My intuition is that one of the volume pots is out of spec creating the difference between the two amps. The pots are sealed so I could not apply Deoxit as one would normally try first.

The original Olson badges on the faceplates were missing so I found two small Telefunken badges that are now in the location the original emblems occupied. These badges serve to hide the small anchor hole which was for securing the original badge.

The original lamps/bulbs both work and illuminate the amber pilot jewel/power indicator.

Tubes are removed for shipping, packed in individual tube boxes and the buyer will be required to install the tubes correctly in the amplifiers. The 9-pin tubes will almost always fall out, bend and possibly break if left in their sockets for transport. You need to understand this and be willing to reinsert the tubes correctly. The tube socket locations in the chassis are factory stamped / marked with the tube numbers at each tubes socket / location. You can clearly see the markings (see photos)

Photos are of the actual amplifiers and tubes being offered

Sale is for both amplifiers and the tubes are included

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