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Dynaco (Dynakit) PAS-M Tube Preamplifier (Solid State Power Supply) "Special Order"

Dynaco (Dynakit) PAS-M Tube Preamplifier (Solid State Power Supply) "Special Order"

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This is a "Special Order" Unit

Our "special order" units require a 3-4 week production period. Each unit is custom built. We need time to order the components and of course time for assembling and testing the unit. The component varieties, brands and features we offer are proven top performers. You can buy with confidence, we'll build you a great sounding preamp.

The photos shown are of previous units to provide visual examples. Generally speaking, most units look very similar when completed but your specific unit will have the special features you have chosen.


Standard Features:

  • Solid State Power Supply - Capacitor Board - Diode Rectified
  • Original Dynaco PAS Circuit 
  • Premium circuit boards with integrated ground planes
  • Carbon film and metal film resistors
  • Audio grade film capacitors
  • Modern 6 position rotary selector, updated input-output panel
  • Corrosion resistant Gold RCA jacks.
  • 5 high level inputs
  • 1 low level MM (47K moving magnet) phono input
  • Phono ground post
  • Alps (Japan) "blue velvet" volume control
  • Tone Controls & Balance Control
  • 120V new Dynakit PA-211 transformer, fused AC mains
  • 22 gauge stranded wiring, soldered with Kester 63/37 eutectic solder.
  • Brand new chassis from Dynakit
  • Choose a black or brown vented cover
  • Choose from 3 different faceplates
  • Solid aluminum knobs.
  • Adjustable LED pilot lamp
  • Micalex tube sockets
  • Set up for high impedance amplifiers (470K - like the ST-70 & ST-35)

Tubes not included  


The basic modern faceplate:  ⭐BEST SELLER

The basic modern faceplate has updated (modern) nomenclature printed on the around the selector knob, it matches the selectors functions and also the rear panel orientation and label. Again, the indicated selector functions match the rear panel labeling and follow the designated order on both the faceplate and the rear panel label. This faceplate looks great and takes away the possibility of confusion you may have with our other two faceplates. With this version there are no provisions for a filter, loudness or tape monitor switch. Those functions are eliminated. The stereo to mono blend switch is omitted and the volume control is relocated above the balance knob as shown in the photo. The basic modern faceplate is made specifically for using this new selector and the terminology matches the positions and functions of the selector and also matches and follows the positions indicated on the rear panel.

The rear panel has jacks for 5 line level (high level) inputs and one phono input and there's a phono ground post. 


The traditional faceplate and the modern original faceplate:

These faceplates are actually intended for restoration of original PAS units having their original selector switches present. We sell a lot of these simply because of their traditional appearance. The nomenclature printed on the front panel at the selector reflects the designation of the original (obsolete) PAS selector switch. The positions indicated on both the modern original or traditional original faceplates do not match up with the new modern selectors order of operation. (See the photos in the listing for a visual representation that will help clarify further). 

The rear panel has jacks for 5 line level (high level) inputs and one phono input and there's a phono ground post. 

The selector is a modern 6 position type. Operation of the selector is logical, simple and straightforward. Phono is now located at the far left location labeled (special) the remaining positions now simply follow a clockwise rotation and match the order of the jacks in the rear panel. Starting at phono (special) and rotating to the right you have (Aux/CD) where tape head is located then (Aux/MP3) where phono is labeled, then (Aux/Tuner) where it says FM-AM, then (Aux1) at the position marked FM-MPX and finally (Aux2) is the position labeled spare. We also have a short instructional video (see links below) to help understand it. We also include a printed reference diagram in the box.

With the traditional faceplate and the modern original faceplate, the loudness switch is functional. The filter switch, tape monitor and the stereo blend control circuit are eliminated. (dummy fixtures are installed at the filter, tape monitor and blend control locations, they're simply there to hold the knob and fill voids in the faceplate, they are for aesthetic purposes only).

NOTE: Due to limitations of this selector switch, there are no tape loop or tape monitor functions. You will not be able to use this preamp for recording. This preamp is designed for playback only.


 The Power Supply (filament supply)

This model uses a solid state power / filament supply board. The four section filter capacitor found in the original/traditional build is eliminated and is incorporated on the new power supply board. The 12X4 tube rectifier is also eliminated and its function is now handled on the power supply board. This option takes a small load off of the power transformer and allows it to run cooler. This PSU also increases the capacitance from 20/20/20/20uF up to 47/47/47/47uF. This is a really nice upgrade for the PAS.

This preamplifier sounds absolutely amazing with warmth, sparkle and a holographic detailed presentation that is missing in so many modern designs. A perfect companion to drive your new or vintage tube amplifier.


  • The Dynakit PA-211 power transformer is wound to operate from a standard 120V-125V outlet. (no voltage reducer necessary)
  • The pilot lamp is LED with adjustable brightness
  • The volume control, balance control, tone controls and the switches are quality parts from Bournes, Alpha and Alps
  • This is not a rebuild, it's all new, a modernized version of the original PAS.
  • Fully tested and burned in prior to shipment - this is a beautiful sounding preamp. 
  • Basic instructions and initial setup guide with diagrams are included.
  • Email and phone support provided as needed.

PAS Preamp Dimensions:

  • 13.5" Wide X 9" Deep X 4.5" Tall
  • Height may be slightly higher (+1/2") with larger feet installed

*These are the maximum measurements taken at the tallest point, widest point and a depth measurement that was taken from the outer edge of the rear mounted RCA jacks to the front edge of the tone controls.

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