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Dynakit / Dynaco Premium ST-70 Tube Stereo Amplifier "Ready to Ship"

Dynakit / Dynaco Premium ST-70 Tube Stereo Amplifier "Ready to Ship"

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Our "ready to ship" units are available for purchase as they are completed. We use premium components and brands which are proven top performers. We "pick and choose" the components, then build a great sounding amplifier with them.

When we are sold out of "ready to ship" units, the photos shown are of the previous unit we offered and sold. New photos and details are uploaded when the next unit is completed and being offered for sale. You will see the "Add to Cart" button when the unit pictured is actually available.

Our Premium ST-70 Tube Stereo Amplifier

  • Tubes & Cover Included !

The legendary PA-060 power transformer is made for modern day voltage so you don't need a voltage reducer (variac, bucking transformer etc.). You'll appreciate and enjoy the velvety smooth, highly musical output, thanks to the new, highly regarded A-470 output transformers.

The ST-70 is engineered to faithfully and precisely reproduce the input signal without any modification. Consequently, its performance should be evaluated simply by its capacity to accurately amplify the signal.

Video Review of This ST-70 

The coupling capacitors are Amtrans AMCY "Golden Black" audio grade films and provide excellent music reproduction with a magical holographic three-dimensionality and exhibit outstanding tonal balance. The two .047uF bypass caps are NOS Goodall/TRW pieces.

The resistors are Amtrans ARMG Carbon Film, KOA Speer Carbon Film and Arcol Carbon Composition.

The PC-3 Dynakit circuit board uses the genuine Dynaco 6GH8A circuit.

Includes (4) NessTone EL-34 power tubes. These are great  sounding tubes and have undergone extensive testing and burn in. The 6GH8A tubes are NOS tubes from Sylvania. The 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier is a solid state dual diode device with a controlled warmup. It provides superior bass response, runs cool and reduces transformer loading.

The filter capacitor and filter choke are both brand new OEM Dynakit parts. The filter cap has Panasonic/Matsushita industrial grade metal film resistors. The capacitor has been hand polished for a nicer appearance.

The upgraded bias supply uses Nichicon electrolytic and Kemet audio grade film capacitors for super quiet and reliable power. The 390pF mica caps are rated for 1000 volts and the 82pF caps are 500 volt.

The inputs are upgraded to high quality RCA jacks with gold plating and spaced slightly wider than stock to allow more room for modern interconnects to fit.

The outputs are upgraded to binding post type terminals that will accept standard banana plugs or bare wire. These are gold plated to resist corrosion and provide superior contact/signal transfer. The amp can drive 4 or 8 ohm speakers, there are no 16 ohm outputs on this unit.

The stereo to mono switch is fully functional.

The rectifier socket has flashback protection diodes installed. The bias pots have safety resistors installed. These are great "bullet-proofing" features you do not find on most ST-70's.

This is one beautiful sounding and great looking ST-70. It is built to impress you sonically and visually, it will not disappoint.

If you are looking for a Dynaco 70 that sounds like heaven then look no further.

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Manuals, biasing instructions and initial set up printouts / diagrams all included. Email and phone support provided if needed. 

  • ST-70 Dimensions:
  • 13" Wide X 9.5" Deep X 6.5" Tall
  • Height may be slightly higher (+1/2") with larger feet installed
  • Weight (unboxed) is about 38 lbs.
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Your system can only be as good as its "weakest link". Quality components (preamp, amp, tubes, speakers, cables, etc.) are the only way to ensure top notch sound and performance from your stereo system.


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