High Fidelity Vacuum Tube Audio




  • Original Dynaco Circuit
  • Enhanced Performance
  • 35 Watts Per Channel
  • EL34 Output Tubes
  • Push-Pull Design
  • Vintage ST-70 Look
  • All New, Not Rebuilt
  • Options Available

❈ Our Best Seller

ST-70 Amplifiers ➡



  • Original Dynaco Circuit
  • 17.5 Watts Per Channel
  • Updated Features
  • Push-Pull Design
  • Vintage ST-35 Look
  • Uses EL84 & 7247 Tubes
  • Brand New, Not Rebuilt
  • Options Available

❈ Audiophile Favorite

ST-35 Amplifiers ➡


PAS Preamp

  • Original Dynaco Circuit
  • 3 Faceplate Options
  • 2 Power Supply Options
  • Modernized Features
  • Classic Look & Design
  • All New, Not a Rebuild
  • Uses (4) 12AX7 tubes
  • Includes Phono Input

❈ Sensational Sonics

PAS Preamplifiers ➡

    The thousand dollar question......

    Is a Dynaco / Dynakit Right for Me?

    Why buy a Dynaco? Click here to learn more ➡

    Dynakit / Dynaco components represent a "no frills necessary" approach to high quality vacuum tube audio. If properly outfitted with quality components and well assembled they sound truly amazing. The designs have exceptional build quality and proven reliability. We do not cut corners or use cheap components. We don't buy in to the hype of "magic" circuit modifications. Quality is the rule of thumb. If you recognize the real quality and lasting value of our builds, then you.... GETDYNACO

    Simplicity / Click here to learn more ➡

    Simplicity is often the secret to success. By retainingning the original circuits and making use of today's high quality components, the true genius and sonic capability of these designs are unleashed like never before possible back in the 1950's, 60's and 70's. The Dynaco/Dynakit components were a milestone in audio amplification and are still relevant to this day. Properly built and well equipped, they provide elevated holographic details, with warm, accurate and realistic reproduction of recorded music, presented like few modern or even modified amplifiers are capable of, especially within this price range. Many legacy (old world/golden age) audio brands, most of which are now out of business, offered both kits and factory assembled components. Even McIntosh offered its audio components in kit form as well as HH Scott, Harman-Kardon, Heathkit and Eico. As with most DIY/kit electronics, a large number of modifications were developed in hopes to improve upon the sound of original design. We have owned and tried most of the alternative flavors and found nothing superior about any of them. The overwhelming success and sustained presence of the original designs prove their superiority. Dynaco acheived incredible results with smart and relatively simple circuit designs. Hafler and his company (Dynaco) didn't just do their homework, they wrote the book. GETDYNACO

    Reliability / Click here to learn more ➡

    From the legendary "built like an anvil" durability of their transformers to the rugged and beautiful chassis, Dynaco earned its place in audio lore and American history. These are high quality, custom built, professionally hand assembled components you'll be proud to own. They sound amazing, look great, and are designed to provide you with years of musical enjoyment. GETDYNACO

    Affordability / Click here to learn more ➡

    While not the cheapest tube amps or preamps you can own, when compared to brands with similar quality and performance, they readily compete in the upper class, but for less money. If needed, service and replacement parts are readily available and affordable. GETDYNACO

    New vs. Vintage / which is better for me?

    Follow this link for information and even watch our video designed to help you decide whether to buy new, or invest in vintage components.

    Made in the USA